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Coaches at the LUGI Judo Camp 2018
Mia Hermansson

We are very proud to have our Mia back home at our club, LUGI Judo. She is one of the coaches at LUGI Judo Camp. We have also succeeded to engage her life companion, Joakim Dvärgby.


Two members of the very successful Swedish National Team.

"I started my judo career when I was very young, the first time I was down at the club I was no more than 2 months old. When I was 3-4 years old I started on "Judolekis" (Judo Kindergarten), that was something I looked forward to all week. I remember that I had a hard time getting forward, so I used to practice at home on a mattress before bedtime. A few days before I filled 6, I took yellow belt and in connection with this I participated in my first competition (Modul Cup), since then I've been stuck! I've always loved and train hard and to compete, I'm still doing that!"


Weight class: -63 kg


Year of birth: 1992


Club: SPIF Judo


Original club: LUGI Judo



Grand Prix Zagreb 2014 Silver, Grand Prix Budapest 2015 Bronze, Grand Prix Havana 2016 Bronze, Grand Prix Almaty 2016 Bronze, Grand Slam Tyumen 2016 Bronze, Participation in the Olympic Games at Rio 2016


Favorite technique: Ko uchi gake, harai goshi

Joakim Dvärby

"I started with judon in Ånge, when I was 6 years old. Wolfgang Biedron came from Sundsvall and was our instructor. This was something exciting and new. Since my dad had tested judo in his youth, I and my two older brothers started. However, I stopped with judo, when Ånge became an independent club and the coaches were not at the same high level as before. When I was 13 years old I started again and then my old mates, who now had new belts, threw me a lot. I like to work hard and therefore I continued this time to train hard. Today I can throw all my friends from Ånge again. I moved to Stockholm in 2008 and since then I have been training and competing for SPIF."


Weight class: -100


Year of birth: 1989


Club: SPIF Judo


Original club: Ånge Judoklubb



Fifth at World Championship 2013, Fifth at European hampionship 2014, 4 Grand Prix Bronze and 2 Grand Slam Bronzes


Favorite technique: Seoi nage

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