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Thank you for LUGI Judo Events 2016

It was Judo Fun in Lund again!


Group picture

This site was



Again, a lot of people gathered in Lund in May and exercised the funniest thing they know, namely judo!


Everything was fantastic! You and all the participants, the coaches, the venue, the organization, the referees, the food, the hotel, the lodging, the weather etc.


...according to you!


We thank you for all the kind words!

Go to our Facebook page (LUGI Judoklubb) and see all the pictures and the action!


Like and share all the information about the events. Perhaps you find pictures of yourself.


Much more picture will be uploaded there the next few days!

Here above you see the group picture of this year.


If you want to see a hi-res version, click on the picture, which you also can download, enlarge and print.

LUGI Judo Events next year!!!

Hi Eddy,


A BIG thank you to you and you’re TEAM & all the coaches at Lugi for a fantastic Judo Camp & Competition… Lloyd loved every minute of it.  It’s the best camp we have ever been to.  Great high standard of judo on display and plenty of randori! I loved your lovely Swedish weather too!


I hope to bring a team from Northern Ireland next year… do you have dates for next year?


Kind Regards,


David Andrews



  • BUDO-NORD Cup - 25 May 2017
  • LUGI Judo Camp - 26 - 28 May 2017
  • Kid's Cup - 27 May 2017
  • Veteran Training - 26 - 28 May 2017


Make a note in your calendar!

Hi you all,


Thank you very much! We appreciate all the good words we hear and see. Then we know that all the stress and the work we have been through, was worth it.


Yes, bring so many as you can.


Best regards,

Eddy Åberg




Enzo Locarini is in the process of making new videos about this camp.


They will be published within 3 - 4 weeks. Both here and on Facebook!


Pictures of this year's Event

A lot of fantastic photos taken by Diane Wennerland, Immotion. If you like them, you can buy them.


View them click here!

Hi Eddy and Michel,


Thank you very much for the excellent organisation of the Budo Nord Cup and Lugi Judo Camp 2016.

Our judoka and coaches have enjoyed their stay in Lund very much.


See you next year!



With sportive greetings,

Rob Henneveld

Mahorokan Topjudo Institute

Rozenlaan 4

3142 NN Maassluis




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