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Kid´s Judo Cup 2017

Weight Categories

The competitors will be split into groups based on the participant’s actual weight.

Time Duration of the Contest

Boys and girls 2 minutes.

Competition Date

Saturday 27 May at 12:00.



Svenshögsvägen 23, 222 41 LUND


It is a very informal competition and will be conducted according to the Contest Rules, Organization Code and Sporting Code (Children Rules) of the Swedish Judo Federation (

Clarification of and Additional Rules

“Floating Weight Classes” — Actual weight should be stated in the entry form. Weigh-in in your judogi during the competition day. It is NOT possible to enter both BUDO-NORD Cup (Thursday) and Kid´s Cup!


A minimum of 4th kyu is required.

Age Groups

Boys and Girls U13 (11-12 years old)

Entry Fee

150 SEK (16 EUR) per participant.


The competition will be judged by the participating club coaches and referees.

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