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LUGI Judo Events 2017




We are pleased to invite you to LUGI Judo Events 2017.

A very strong tradition

The events of 2017

LUGI Judo Camp

As usual we are inviting a world class team of well-known coaches. You will be instructed by very skilled instructors from several different countries.


Invited coaches:

Sergio Oliveira, Brazil/Germany

Neil Eckersley, Great Britain

Pascal Locarini, France

Sergio Domenech Garcia, Spain

Gabriel Bengtsson, Sweden

Nicole Flagothier, Belgium

Sophie Cox, Great Britain

Gianni Locarini, France

Mike Liptroth, Great Britain

Tommy Mortensen, Denmark

Hortance Diedhiou, Senagal



Do not miss this very special opportunity!


Click to go to: LUGI Judo Camp

Visiting club coaches and leaders

We encourage all club instructors and leaders to take an active part in the activities on the mat during LUGI Judo Camp. This will give you a good opportunity to study and learn new judo techniques, moreover new ways to teach judo.


It is a very superior method for bringing home “new stuff” to your club and you get a better value for your money.


It only costs 250 SEK per leader/coach of this participation in the camp, which also gives the opportunity to participate in the Veteran class led by the camp's amazing coaches at no extra cost.


Select in the entry form Coach or Coach + Vet. If you only want to participate in the Veteran class, select Veteran only.

LUGI Judo Events is organized for the 40th time and it continues to grow and become more popular every year. The arrangement is unique because you can participate in so many different judo activities during the same weekend.




Approximately one thousand people participate each year in the events.


Participants travel to us from all over Europe. Sometimes we even get visitors from other parts of the world, like USA, Brazil, Australia and New Zeeland.


    Thursday 25 May 2017 (weighing in 24 May)

  • LUGI Judo Camp
    Friday 26 - Sunday 28 May 2017

  • Kid's Judo Cup
    Saturday 27 May 2017

  • Veteran Training Sessions
    Friday 26 - Sunday 28 May 2017

Extra events

We also arrange some other additional events, which will be announced later.

You will find three outstanding videos on this page, which will give you a very good insight what LUGI Judo Events and Lund City are all about.

2013 and 2014 are produced by Enzo Locarini, France and 2012 is produced by Judoklubb Stord, Norway.

We are very grateful to them!

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