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LUGI Judo Camp 2017


From Friday 26 May from 07:30 to Sunday 28 May at 13:30 inclusive.



Wednesday 24 May at 18:00-21:00 or Thursday 25 May at 15:00-17:00 or Friday 26 May at 07:30 -09:00.


The training camp is open for all youths and juniors 10-20 years old, and women of all ages.


A minimum of 5th kyu is required for all categories.

Lodging in a school

If you bring your own sleeping bag and mattress you can sleep on the floor in the school near by.

Camp fee


Special discounts are available for larger groups at the camp. Pay the reduce price, if you are eligible for volume pricing.


  • 10-19 judokas, 10 % of the camp fee     (810 respectively 225 SEK)
  • 20-29 judokas, 15 % of the camp fee     (765 respectively 210 SEK)
  • 30-39 judokas, 20 % of the camp fee     (720 respectively 200 SEK)
  • Over 39 judokas, 25 % of the camp fee  (675 respectively 185 SEK)


Group picture

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This year the meals will be served at the restaurant of the school. The same building as the meals are being served.


Separate meal coupons are available for:

  • 65 SEK per breakfast (Preliminary Price)
  • 75 SEK per lunch or dinner (Preliminary Price)


Order the number of the meals you and your group need in the special entry form for the meals.

  1. 900 SEK per judoka includes training and all activities at the camp.
  2. 250 SEK per responsible coach/leader (minimum +20 years old) for the club or team includes all the activities on the mat including take part in the veteran training lessons.


Please note!

It is very important you order your meals in advance. Not later than Monday 26 April!


The school kitchen needs the information in good time before, in order to organize the meals in the best way. Quantitatively and qualitatively. It will be difficult to gain access to meals that were not ordered in advance.

Price 70 SEK per night. (Preliminary Price)


Order well in advance before, because there are only a limited number of places.

Lodging in Hotels

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Svenshögsvägen 23, 222 41 LUND


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Invited instructors


A world class team of well-known coaches.






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