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Meals at the Fäladsgården (school)

Order your meals

Order your meals through the Order Form for Meals.


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  • Breakfast 40 SEK/meal
  • Lunch 65 SEK/meal
  • Dinner 65 SEK/meal



Note you must order meals and pay well in advance.


There are small possibilities to buy meals on the same day, so act before the order's last day.

Please notice!

The meals will be served at the Fäladsgården, which is the same place where you will sleep.


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Special Food

If you are allergic, have some diseases or have some ethic issues about food, you must inform us!


Use the message form to the right and send us your data as soon as possible!


We transfer your wishes and data to the kitchen staff.

Order your meals on each day, time of the day and the amount of the meals you want!


Be specific!



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Menu for LUGI Judo Events 2017

Thursday, May 25

Breakfast     07:00 to 8:30        Breakfast buffet

Lunch          11:30 to 14:00      Hash ((chopped meat and potatoes)

Dinner         18:30 to 20:30      Hamburger, bread and sauce


Friday, May 26

Breakfast     07:00 to  08:30     Breakfast buffet

Lunch         11:30 to 14:00       Minced kebab meat

Dinner        18:30 to  20:30      Chicken in curry with rice

Saturday, May 27

Breakfast     07:00 to 8:30         Breakfast buffet

Lunch         11:00 to 14:00        Meatballs with cream sauce and potatoes

Dinner        18:30 to 20:30        Spaghetti bolognese


Sunday, May 28

Breakfast     07:00 to 8:30         Breakfast buffet

Lunch         11:30 to 14:00        Pasta salad with chicken and sauce


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